Everyone knows about fast, free delivery—but here are some awesome Prime benefits you may not be taking advantage of. 

Prime Try Before You Buy 

Amazon’s Prime Try Before You Buy is a Prime-exclusive program where you can try on new styles and sizes before you buy them, including clothing, shoes, and accessories. You have seven days to try the items at home or return them at no cost, and we'll only charge for the items you keep.

 Amazon Student Prime Discounted Membership  

 For students juggling tuition, books, room and board, and more, Amazon created Prime Student, a discounted membership for students enrolled in two- or four-year colleges. And, we made it half the price of our regular Prime membership. Prime Student 6-month Trial  

Prime Gaming 

Gamers will appreciate the fact that Prime members get access to free games and in-game content at Prime Gaming every month—not to mention a free monthly channel subscription on Twitch tv. 

Amazon Music                                                                                                                                                  Prime members can take advantage of Amazon Music where you can stream tunes and podcasts to your phone, Echo, or other smart device. That’s ad-free access to more than 100 million songs, thousands of playlists, and popular podcasts without a separate music or podcast subscription. 

Membership Sharing 

Have a house full of people who all love Prime? Amazon does allow a family to share a single Prime membership among two adults, four teens, and four kids under 13. Using the Amazon Household benefit, everyone can use the benefits of Prime (like Prime Video, Prime Gaming, and Prime Reading, for example) and adults and teens can also use Prime to shop and make purchases. 

Create an Amazon Wedding Registry

Create a registry that celebrates who you are as a couple. Shop the world's largest selection to find everything you need to build your new life together. Qualifying Amazon Wedding registrants receive a one-time 20% discount on select items shipped and sold by Don't worry about adding higher-priced items to your registry! With our Group Gifting feature, your friends and family can contribute to pricier items. 

Create an Amazon Baby Registry Easily set up your baby registry with our registry checklist, use a cash fund for diapers, and get convenient thank-you list tracking. Receive a Welcome Box gift with full, travel, and sample-size surprises for parents and babies. Only the primary owner of the Baby Registry can claim the welcome box. If you are the primary owner, log in to your account to claim the offer. To learn how to add and swap co-registrants, visit our help page Set-Up Co-Registrant Permissions. This offer is a limited-time offer, while supplies last.

Your Style Deals

When it comes to fashion, finding deals and discounts on the latest styles is key. As a savvy shopper, you know where to look to get the best prices on trendy and stylish clothing and accessories. 

Beauty and Personal Care:
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TSA PreCheck/Global Entry - If you fly often, TSA PreCheck and Global Entry are absolute travel essentials. These programs allow you to skip long security lines and breeze through customs when returning to the US from abroad. The application process is easy and worth it for the time saved on each trip.